We had a pleasant unexpected trip to Palakayathippa beach on 22nd December 2011, when my sister and brother-in-law planned and made all arrangements to take us (myself, my husband and our daughter) there. It is a place where the 1300 km long, curly Krishna river merged into the Bay of Bengal. None of us had seen these saagara sangamams of any rivers though we studied them in Social Studies till then and we were truly excited to experience the site. Six of us fitted ourselves in a small car with my sister holding her son in her lap. We were totally oblivious to her discomfort and went on discussing throughout our 60 km route to the beach with her participating vigorously in it. The road upto beach was built during 2004-Krishna Pushkarams.

It was a totally desolate site with no one in sight;

We luckily found a fisherman and felt very happy to discuss our route with him.

We were on the Krishna river side on the beach though it perfectly appeared like a sea beach. It was termed Krishna Vanyaprani Abhayaranyam meaning Krishna’s protected forest for wild life.

We spotted quite a few cranes looking for fish in the river water.

We then hired a motor boat to have a detour of the river merging into sea from the riverside into the sea side. We all could feel the water current change from a smooth ride to a turbulent one as we sailed. This was the best part of our trip. One can find this effect only in saagara sangamam areas like this. Of course one can always try to create this effect in a Water Park.

Though the site was totally desolate and there was no other visitor except for us, we enjoyed by taking many pictures posing wherever we could.

View from the top of building –

My sister planned very well to keep our tummies full onsite; she thrilled us with some tasty snacks which we were very happy to have after a 2 hr of running and posing around for snaps.

Overall, it was a great trip many thanks to my younger sister Kalyani, brother-in-law Prasad and nephew Vamsi for taking us to such a wonderful place.

Guest Post By Nalini Ph.D. Msis

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