Arizona is an extraordinary state in the USA with high deserts and mountains. There are lots of remote desert areas for avid tent campers to choose from. Catch the sunrise, gaze at the stars, appreciate the natural formations and preserved wilderness.  Arizona is the place to plan your next camping.


  1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon camping

The most famous natural attraction you can explore in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Though tons of visitors come to the Canyon each year, there are only few camping sites to choose from in the park. Campers may pick the Desert View campsites or the South Rim Mather. For the down-to-earth campers you might prefer to camp outside the designated campgrounds. You will have to secure a back country permit from the Backcountry Permit Center. Rates can be verified with the National Park service. Check so you know the availability of campgrounds per season as well as the permits to secure.


  1. Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge camping

Along the border with Mexico is the Sonoran desert consisting of 1000 sq. miles. This is one of the most remote camping sites you can explore in Arizona. The wildlife refuge has no formal grounds for tent camping. You can pitch a tent provided that your location should be a quarter mile far from any water source. Campers must be aware that water sources are preserved for the wildlife. You will be required to obtain a permit. You also need to sign a waiver to enter the wildlife because areas have unexploded military ordinance.


  1. Coconino National Forest

coconino national forest camping

Just outside Flagstaff in Northern Arizona lies 2 million acres of mountain forest. Since the 19th century, this forest has been preserved and protected by the government. It includes several wilderness areas protected as well as the San Francisco Peaks. It is recommendable to put up your tent there at the Lockett Meadow in October for a view to remember. It is when the aspen trees transform their colors in San Francisco Peaks.


  1. Chiricahua National Monument

chiricahua national monument campground

Within the Chiricahua National Monument, there are captivating rock formations to setup your tent. This monument is located in the American Southwest in the copper mining country near Bisbee, Arizona. It is also located at the border with Mexico which is a 2-3 hour drive from Tucson. 18 tents maximum can be accommodated on the campsite within the park. The Sonoran desert  has warm climate even if it’s winter so the campers won’t have a problem with weather.


  1. Painted Desert

painted desert arizona motorcycle camping featured image

The Northeastern part of Arizona is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing and secluded areas in the state. You can discover the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, both well-known for their breathtaking views.  . The Painted Desert area allows tent camping in this part of the Petrified Forest National Park. You are required to acquire a permit from the visitor’s center to be able to stay in the park overnight.  Ensure you catch the view of the sunrise at the Painted Desert to realize why it was named after that. Wonderful is the Petrified Forest, they are loaded with Native American historical facts and significant archaeological discoveries. You can witness multi-colored rocks, rigidified trees, minerals and natural formations which you won’t see anywhere else.


Motorcycle Camping

If you are an avid motorcycle rider, you can consider motorcycle camping in and around these camping sites. While not all these sites are equally motorcycle camping friendly, you can find suitable places around and enjoy the advantages of motorcycle camping. It allows you to move from one place to another nicely and quickly, pitch your tent and explore the nearby areas at your will. You can reach a campsite with your motorcycle and park it safely and enjoy the adventure around the campsite. Make sure you have best kawasaki aftermarket parts and cheap motorcycle oem parts with you so that you can use those in case of emergencies in your camping adventure.

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