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Top Ten Camping Places across India You Should Try

When it comes to a family vacation with teenage children, camping would be the first option for many families. With varying geographical locations, India has a lot of different types of camping places for a nature filled vacation. In India,… Continue Reading →

List Of Countries Indian Passport Holders Can Travel Without Visa or on Arrival

As per Passport Index’s norms, a country got a score for countries where the passport holders can travel without a visa or can get a visa on arrival. The United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) topped the… Continue Reading →

Ashoka Chakra

During  Shivasamudhra – Talakad trip , I came across one school at Talakad where all pillars are painted with our favorite flag colors. Meaning of Ashoka Chakra The twenty four spokes in this chakra wheel represent twenty four virtues: Love Courage Patience Peacefulness… Continue Reading →

An evening at Mysore

Some random photos captured @ Mysore  during dussera evening.

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