Traveling for the first time abroad is an experience you will never forget. You still know nothing about traveling, although you have read thousands of articles and recommendations of professional travelers. Perhaps you even do not understand which points are more important than others, and which of them require your revision one more time.  Customs regularly do not belong to the list of the things that you check beforehand. However, customs can become a reason your travel is over. If you want to get into the country of your destination without problems with customs, check the list of the most frequently asked questions. We will give you recommendations on how to answer on tricky questions that a customs official may ask you.

  1. How long are you planning to stay in a country?

This is the first question a customs official would probably ask you. If you have one-way ticket, you should explain how long you are intended to stay in this country. Of course, if a time of your visit is limited by visa expiration, you need to keep that in mind. If you have planned a long-term trip, you should also explain why you are planning to stay in this country for a long period of time and how long exactly you are going to stay there.

  1. What is the purpose of your trip?

You need to be able to explain why you’ve decided to visit a certain country. Perhaps, this is a business visit or you are coming on vacation. You need to have a defined purpose unless customs official can deny you entering a country. Sometimes a purpose of the trip is indicated in visa type. In this case, your answer to this question must be the same as stated in your visa.

  1. Who is accompanying you?

This is one of the common questions which people who are going on vacation are asked. Customs official needs to understand whether you are traveling alone (if you are, some additional questions may appear) or whether you have friends and family. This is only a precaution, so be honest with your answers.

  1. Where are you going to stay?

If a customs official asks you for some additional documents from you hotel or a place where you are going to stay, show these documents. A lot of travelers use websites for booking hostels, rooms, or apartments and do not have recipes for paying a booked room. In this case, show the confirmation you received when you booked a room.

  1. Do you have relatives in a country? relatives

No one will deny you to enter a country if you have no relatives there or if you have some. Perhaps, a customs official will check whether your relatives stay legally, and if they do, nothing will change for you. If you have relatives, who live in this country illegally, it is better to check this question with your lawyer. You are not responsible for what your cousins do, but it may create some problems for passing customs official.

  1. Where do you work?

This question does not mean that customs official just wonders who you are and what your hobbies are. He checks whether you are capable of financing your trip. Your answer should be certain and direct. Sometimes a customs official can ask some additional questions to clarify some points.

  1. Do you have something to declare?

Before you pack your baggage always check customs rules of leaving your country and entering another country. You need to know what you cannot take to another country at all, and what needs to be declared. We also recommend you to check the restrictions on what you cannot bring back from the country.

  1. How much currency do you have? currency

Almost all countries have restrictions on how much currency you can bring. If you have more money, you need to fill a declaration. Do not try to cheat customs official and tell that you have less money – he will notice that, and you will have problems with authorities.

  1. Show your documents please

In most cases, an international passport is enough. But sometimes you may need your local ID card and passport. It is better to take these documents or have a copy of them.

  1. Do you have something illegal in your baggage?

Never joke when a customs official asks you this question! This is a golden rule of any traveler. Just say no, and be confident with what you say.  Do not create additional problems for yourself and do not spoil your vacations.


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