We all have fears, no doubt. Your strong desire to go on an adventure shouldn’t get put on hold because of your lingering anxieties associated with traveling.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a neophyte, there’s no denying that you have that one (or several) travel fear/s; from fear of flying to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and the likes. It’s rational to be terrified of these things. But if that’s what keeps you from checking out your travel bucket list, it’s time to overcome these fears this 2017.

Apart from lack of money and time that puts people’s travel plans on hold, their fears are huge contributing factors as well. Check out if you have these common fears and how you can overcome them:


  1. The world is a dangerous place

This is not at all surprising. Yes, the world is a dangerous place but no, that shouldn’t be the reason to stop you from booking a flight to India and explore its vibrant spots. If you’re really wary of your own safety, don’t fret nor stay in your box. There are a whole lot of other countries or places that are a lot safer to visit than others.

Make sure to check out recent articles and catch up on news to know which locations are safe to travel to and which are not. That way you can plan and book your trip accordingly. A fair warning though: you’ll never know when crisis and emergencies struck so always be prepared.


  1. I don’t speak their language

It truly is terrifying landing in a place and not being able to communicate with them. Remember, the year 2017 has only begun but it’s been a while since the world has started to develop on diminishing the language barrier. Wherever you may go so long as you speak the universal language—english—it’s safe to say that skill is one of travel’s luxury.

Don’t get us wrong. There are still places where English is hardly spoken but that shouldn’t be a huge problem since you can communicate through gesture and a warm smile. If you do have the time, learn the basics of your chosen destination’s language. The primaries are: “thank you”, “please”, “hello”, “sorry”, “where is the bathroom?” or “bathroom”, and other common words or phrases.

If you want to take your learning and communication development up a notch, download a translator app on your phone.


  1. It could be unsafe

Stopped by at your parent’s and told them your plans on going to a third world country only to leave their house and your travel plan on hold? Yeah, a lot of travelers have experienced that judgement; a lot of them have also visited more countries and local places because they followed their gut.

Be extra cautious if you’re planning on trips going to family and friends’ approved places if you really want to feel safe. Of course, do avoid war-torn countires. Take every advice given to you with a grain of salt. Do your research and when you’ve given your trip a green light, prepare for the worst (just in case) and enjoy the adventure.


  1. I might get ill

This one’s avoidable if you’re careful. Eating out in a different place or country can trigger your anxiety of acquiring a bacteria from the food or drinks you’ll take in. the constant worry for getting a bad stomach is reasonable but possible to minimize the risk.

Always carry basic sanitation products with you such as a hand sanitizer, tissue, wet wipes, bottled water, and most importantly, basic medicines for headaches, stomach pain, and the likes.


  1. I have a terrible sense of direction

Not everyone are great at directions and if you’re one among those who suck at it, let this not be a hindrance. Of course, keep your eyes to the signs that points to your destination. If it seems you’re not getting any closer to that place, it’s time to start asking questions.

If you happen to sleep past your train stop or got off at a wrong stop, take the moment to get lost. That’s what traveling is all about anyway—getting lost and coping with the situation which then feed you learnings and memorable experiences. Mishaps and misadventures may not be on your itinerary but they sure can teach you a thing or two about yourself and life.

What are your travel worries and fears? How did you go around it? Share your story with us



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