Yes, there are ways you can travel cheap. But if cutting corners mean sacrificing comfort, pleasure, and a memorable experience, you may want to rethink booking a cheap, shared hostel room over a comfortable premium hotel accommodation.

Your time spent traveling should be nothing short of pleasurable, not all stressful and inconveniences. Sure, mishaps are inevitable but if time and resources allow you to prevent it, don’t hesitate to spend a little extra for the utmost comfort and convenience.

You don’t have to check in at an expensive hotel, dine in a ritzy restaurant, or buy yourself the latest travel gears all at once. One of each is enough; if your budget permits it and you feel like so, here are some travel splurges worth making.

A high-quality luggage

We’re not saying a cheap yet durable luggage won’t last a lifetime. Our point is investing in a luggage that is light, hardwearing, and one that will last you a lifetime is worth splurging on. You’ll only have to buy one luggage and a heavy-duty carry-on bag might as well purchase a brand that’s been tried and tested.

You know the misfortunes of having a bad quality luggage: faulty zippers, unsecured, malfunctioning wheels, and wear and tears easily. Chances are, you’ve had a fair share of experience at one point where you luggage malfunctioned. A decent luggage is a travel essential, invest in one to avoid any future blunders.

A good camera

In this day and age, there are numerous decent cameras you can take with you on your journey. In fact, a high-quality smartphone quality will do just fine. So if you’re the type of traveler who likes to document their journey and keep the memories in photos, do skip sub-par cameras and buy the good stuff.

You want to look back at these photos and see it just as how you remember it—bold, vibrant, and utterly mesmerizing.

A premium hotel accommodation

As mentioned in our introduction, we’re not taking hostels and other cheap accommodations out of your lodging options. Accommodation is one of the primary factors where you can cut your budget to hundreds or more. It’s a huge help and incredibly fortunate to find a cheap lodging that serves you great pampering and comfort.

But do treat yourself to a nice premium hotel accommodation from time to time. Surely, you don’t always stay in these kinds of lodging, you deserve to get the utmost comfort, convenience, dining, amenities, facilities, and service once in a while. With all your frugal decisions and budget cutbacks, you deserve to rest like a royal sometimes.

A delightful meal to remember

Wherever you’re traveling to, whether it’s in Vietnam or Paris, never skimp on the local cuisine. Foods in Western and European countries can be costly. But if it means spending a little too much on a cup of coffee with a view of the Eiffel tower in a beautiful day, you’re not only paying for the coffee; you’re also paying for the experience itself.

A memorable souvenir

You might argue “there are a lot of cheap local souvenirs that are worth more” or “there’s no point in buying one since you have photos to remember the trip by,” however, where else can you really get Japan’s Ukiyo-e prints, weird or beautiful chopsticks, and the likes, to commemorate your 2-week long trip? If you find something perfect that reminds you how memorable your journey was, buy it so long as it’s worth it.

What do you splurge on when traveling? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below!


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