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There is a famous saying about Hyderabad “Once you lived in Hyderabad, you can’t live anywhere else”. To the people who are not aware of this beautiful place, Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, India ( until the state got divided, and  from June it is going to be a common capital for both Telangana and Seemandra).  In 2010, the Hyderabad city was listed among the Gamma+ World City by the global city index produced by GaWC, and in 2011 the city was rated nineteenth in the world by The New York Times in The list of 41 Places to Go in 2011. Also it was ranked 3rd Best City to Travel in 2013 by Lonely Planet.

hyderabad places to visit

There are plenty of places to visit in Hyderabad. The following are the famous top 10 tourist attractions in Hyderabad.

1. Charminar

When you say Hyderabad, the first place comes to everyone’s mind is ‘Charminar’ ( When translated to English, it means “Four Towers”). The Charminar is a monument and mosque which was  built in 1591 CE. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India. It is a must visit place in hyderabad. Shopping around the Charminar is the best thing to do. Bangles and Biryani are very popular here. Buy some bangles to your loved ones and have a wonderful biryani here.


Mecca Masjid also Makkah Masjid which is one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad is very close to Charminar. It is also considered as one of the largest Mosques in India and listed as heritage building in the old city of Hyderabad.

2. Golkonda

Golkonda, a ruined fort of Southern India and capital of medieval Golconda Sultanate (c.1518–1687), is situated 11 km west of Hyderabad.The region is universally famous for the mines that have produced the world’s most famous and coveted gems, including The Hope Diamond, Idol’s Eye, The Koh-i-Noor and Darya-i-Noor.The Golkonda fort was first built by Kakatiyas as part of their western defenses. It was built in 945 CE-970 CE. People who love to visit historical and ruined places, don’t miss to visit this fort.

Golconda_Hyderabad Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

3.Hussain sagar lake

Hussain Sagar is a lake in Hyderabad, which was built by Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali in 1562, during the rule of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah. It is spread across an area of 5.7 square kilometers and is fed by River Musi. Hussain Sagar was the main source of water supply to Hyderabad before Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar were built on river Musi. The most famous parks in Hyderabad, Lumbini Park and NTR gardens and Sanjeevaiah Park resides adjacent to this lake. It has become one of the famous hangouts for youth in hyderabad. Even elder people enjoys  morning/evening walks on the beach of this lake.


Image courtesy: Theodora.com

4. Necklace Road

The famous Necklace Road also resides adjoining to the Hussain Sagar lake which connects NTR Gardens to Sanjeevaiah Park. Named after the first and the famous Necklace Road in Mumbai’s Marine Drive. The road from Sanjivaiah park connects to the Tankbund road which in turn connects to the NTR Gardens completing a circle. This stretch of road, along with the Tank Bund, appears in the form of a necklace as seen from the sky – and hence the name.

Necklace road

5. Birla Mandir

This fascinating temple was constructed in 1976 by the Birla family. Birla Mandir is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, but there are two other deities in the temple – Padmavati and Andal. The beautiful structure is built from white marble, which was brought all the way from the state of Rajasthan. The architecture of the temple is its highlight, as it is a synthesis of South Indian and Oriya architectural styles. The Rajagopuram of the temple is built using the South Indian style of architecture, while the tower over the main shrine is built using the Oriya style of architecture. The temple has some spectacular sculptures depicting scenes from the Hindu epics, Mahabharat and Ramayana.

Image and content Courtesy: Aptdc.gov.in



6. Salarjung Museum

Salarjung Museum is an art museum located at Darushifa in the city of Hyderabad. It is one of the three National Museums of India. It has a collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artefacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and North America. The museum’s collection was sourced from the property of the Salar Jung family. There are more than 43,000 paintings, 47,000 books and 9,000 holographs. In addition, there is an entire section devoted to Indian art which proudly displays stone sculptures, bronze idols, painted textiles, wood carvings, miniature paintings, weaponry and metal utensils amongst others.

Hyderabad-SalarJung-museum Image Courtesy: Wiki

7. Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoological Park, also known as, Hyderabad Zoo, is one of the largest zoos in India. Spread in an area of 380 acres, the zoo was established in the city of Hyderabad in 1963 and named after the first prime minister of the country, Jawaharlal Nehru.


8. Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City, which was stablished in 1996 by the Ramoji Group and is sprawled over an area of 1,666 acres, has the honour of being in the Guinness World Records as the largest film studio complex in the world. World-class filmmaking facilities are available in this fiml city. Movies in many languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam and Kannada have been shot here along with television serials and commercials.

Ramoji film city

9. Shilparamam

Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village located in Madhapur, Hyderabad. The village was conceived in the year 199 with an idea to create an environment for the preservation of traditional crafts. Ethnic festivals will be happening here round the year. Spreding over 65 acres of land, Shilparamam gives a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage. To promote and preserve Indian arts and crafts, the state government has been established this wonderful platform.


10. Sanghi temple

If you are a regular Telugu movie goer, then you might have already seen this temple in many movies. Sanghi Temple, located at Sanghi Nagar, is about 35 km from Hyderabad city. The temple is constructed in South Indian style of temple architecture and houses all important Hindu God idols. It is a favorite getaway point for the Hyderabadis as well as a popular tourist spot. The idol of Venkateshwara inside the sanctum sanctorum is 9-½ ft tall. There is a Pavitra Vanam, or holy garden, in the temple complex where special leaves and flowers are grown for performing poojas.


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