3 rd July

The day, we have been waiting for had come. At 5.00 PM we started from our office parking. Our bikes, loaded with all stuff were looking brand new, unaware of their future condition :)

Leh Trip, July 2009

Leh Trip, July 2009

It took around 1.5 hours to cross Delhi. After that the traffic was very less and the roads were excellent. On a flyover after Panipat i easily touched 125 kph. We were taking breaks of 15-20 min every hour to relax our backs and have something to drink or eat. After dark, when the headlights were on, i started to feel a pinch effect on my forearms. I thought it’s a drizzle. A couple of minutes later some meshy liquid started appearing on all over my helmet shield. It was not rain, but an infinite army of tiny insects which was flying towards the light and getting crushed after an impact with the helmet. I could feel the survivors inside my ears and on my face. I had to switch off the lights and used them judiciously till we reached Kurukshetra.

By 9.30 PM, we reached Ambala, and decided not to proceed till Chandigarh. We took a room near the flyover and had dinner at a Dhaba. After dinner we went to bed at 11 PM. Within one hour we managed to get a good sleep.

Day summary: Noida to Ambala, 4.5 hrs, 225 km.

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